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True Form

David L. Williams

— Profile by Elma Dedic, Social Media Editor for Elan Literary Magazine

David L. Williams, graduated from Cornell University with a strange taste in screen and musical production. When I read his screenplays I realized that this man can turn his characters what feels like reality. While researching his work I read an excerpt of the screenplay “The Winners”, and ten pages were not enough for me. As a writer, I tend to focus on dialogue, because it reveals a character’s true form. If I need to get a message across, that is the way. William did an excellent job building the tension between three contentious characters: a wife and a husband, and a prostitute. Like Williams, I am attracted to characters with suspicious motives, and when the character Cassie showed who she actually was towards the end, it made me want more.

Another screenplay that I read was, “The Armageddon Dance Party.” What I liked about this piece was the relationship between John and Michelle; two very different characters with one thing in common: both are afraid of the world ending. Michelle did not want to believe in the Armageddon, dancing to avoid confrontation. Even with just a small taste of the action, I could tell the relationship between these unique characters would lead to something great.

Throughout the scenes I read, each character responded oddly, but in a way that clearly allowed you to understand what they meant and who they were. All I ever want to do in my writing is get to this place. I can tell Williams likes to delve into human emotion, but in a completely unexpected way. As a writer myself, I want to learn to build my stories in the same way so the readers can say, as I did when reading Williams’ work, “damn, what did I just read,” while still wanting more.